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Image:Cscr-featured.sve left50px This star symbolizes the featured content on Wikipedia These are current Wikipedia:Featured articles|featured articles on Wikipedia:About|Wikipedia]] that have not yet appeared Wikipedia:Today's featured article|on the main page At present, there arealso update the number in wikimedia-milestones topic if you can formatnum: FA number featured articles of a total of NUMBEROFARTICLE articles on Wikipedia. formatnum852}articles are listed here. Some of these articles may no longer meet the criteria and can be proposed for improvement or removal at Wikipedia:Featured article review

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Heraldry  honors, and vexillology|Heraldry, honors and vexillology

History History small History biographies bios small Language and linguistics|Language and linguistics


Literature and theatre|Literature and theatre Literature and theatre biographighy Mathematics|Mathematics Media|Media Media biographies bios Meteorology|Meteorology Music Music Music biographies bios Philosophy and psychology|Philosophy and psychology Physics and astronomy|Physics and astronomy Physics and astronomy biographies bios politics and government|Politics and government Politics and government biographies Religion mysticism and mythology|Religion, mysticism and mythologyReligion mysticism and mythology biographies Royalty and nobility|Royalty and nobility Royalty and nobility biographies/smalland recreation|Sport and recreation Sport and recreation biographies bios Transport|Transport Transport biographies Video gaming Video gamin|Warfare Warfare biographies bios colspan class hlist style=l width:100% vertical-align:to background-colour

Art, architecture, and archaeology

  • None

Architecture and archaeology


Biographies (art, architecture, and archaeology)





  • None




Reptiles and amphibians



Biology biographies

Business, economics, and finance

  • None

Business, economics, and finance biographies



Chemistry and mineralogy

  • None


  • None


  • None

Chemistry and mineralogy biographies

  • None


  • None

Culture and society

Culture and society biographies


  • None

Engineering and technology

Engineering and technology biographies

  • None

Food and drink

Geography and places

Geology and geophysics

Health and medicine

  • None

Medical conditions and management

Medical biographies

  • None

Heraldry, honors, and vexillology

  • None


History biographies

Language and linguistics

  • None


Law biographies

  • None

Literature and theatre

Autobiographies and memoirs

Magazines and comics

Novels, including graphic novels


  • None

Short stories

  • None


Fictional characters (literature and theatre)

  • None

Biographies (literature and theatre)


  • None

Biographies of mathematicians

  • None



Television shows

Episodes of television

Media fictional characters

Media biographies

Meteorology and climate

  • None





Music biographies

Philosophy and psychology

  • None

Philosophy and psychology biographies

  • None

Physics and astronomy

Physics and astronomy biographies

Politics and government

Politics and government biographies

Religion, mysticism and mythology

Religion, mysticism and mythology biographies

Royalty and nobility

  • None

Royalty and nobility biographies

Sport and recreation

Sport and recreation biographies


Transport biographies

  • None

Video games

Video game fictional characters


Warfare matériel

Wars, battles and events

Warfare biographies