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This is a list of featured articles in other language Wikipedias. It is an effort to highlight articles that have gained featured article status in other languages but are not as detailed (or do not even exist) in English.

This page aims at giving sources of information from other languages' Wikipedias to editors.

The requirements for being a featured article are different in each language, and articles will still need to go through the featured article candidate nomination procedure in order to gain the featured status here.

Identifying articles

At the present time the list below is very much incomplete. Please visit the featured article pages of the other language Wikipedia and help to fill in the gaps. Check to see the state of the article in English and write a brief summary about it. You can then add {{FAOL}} to the talk page (see the usage in the template page).

Helping articles

There are three ways in which you can help:

  1. If you are able to translate some of the contents yourself you can expand the article yourself
  2. Create a to-do list on the talk page about what is missing from the English article but present in the other language article
  3. Request assistance from Wikipedia:Translation into English and add in the contents after it has been translated

You could also use an online translation tool (such as Google Translate) to help give you ideas of what is missing, but please avoid using the exact text generated as it is usually of a poor quality.

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